Board of Management

Reg No 7816
(Incorporated on 8 January 1986)
First Board meeting held on 26 February 1986 at 42 Bowen St Oakleigh Vic 3166

Honour Roll

1986John StewartS HogbenJ FergusonS JamiesonG Ainscough, F Babidge Jnr
1987S JamiesonS HogbenJ FergusonJ Mc HarryG Ainscough, F Babidge Jnr
1988 S JamiesonS HogbenJ FergusonJ Mc HarryF Babidge Jnr , G Ainscough
1989D BevanS HogbenJ FergusonJ Mc HarryJohn Stewart, G Ainscough
1990D BevanS HogbenJ FergusonJ Mc HarryJohn Stewart, G Ainscough
1991D BevanS HogbenJ FergusonJ Mc HarryJohn Stewart, G Ainscough
1992D BevanS HogbenJ FergusonB FitzgeraldR Ingram, C Reece
1993D BevanG AinscoughJ FergusonB FitzgeraldR Ingram, C Reece B Lark, S Hogben
1994D BevanS HogbenJames StewartB FitzgeraldG Ainscough B Lark
1995G AinscoughO ReidJames StewartB FitzgeraldJ Bourton, M Trevorah
1996O ReidG AinscoughJames StewartB FitzgeraldN Gosstray, Michael Gourlay, T Clemens, L Blackley
1997O ReidG AinscoughJames StewartB FitzgeraldM Trevorah J Burton
1998O Reid (5)G AinscoughJ Ward-BourtonB FitzgeraldG Lewis, T Clemens
1999M TrevorahG AinscoughJ Ward-BourtonColin UpfillD Stenhouse P Innis (6)
2000D StenhouseG AinscoughM Manning (7)Colin UpfillA Gribbin, T Clemens, L Blackley
2001L BlackleyA GribbinG Ainscough (9)D AdamsC Upfill, T Clemens,
2002L BlackleyA GribbinG AinscoughD AdamsK Adams B Lark
2003L BlackleyA GribbinG AinscoughD AdamsK O’Neill, B Lark, K Adams
2004L BlackleyG AinscoughG BlaskettD AdamsA Gribbin, Col Upfill, K Adams
2005B LarkG BlaskettM CoppensD FelsenthalG Sanders, E Williams, D Stenhouse,
2006B LarkG BlaskettM CoppensD FelsenthalG. Ainscough, D. Stenhouse, B Fitzgerald, G. Sanders, E. Williams
2007B LarkG BlaskettM CoppensD FelsenthalJ. Holland A Ogilvie
2008D StenhouseG BlaskettT ClemensD FelsenthalJ Holland A Ogilvie
2009D StenhouseG BlaskettT ClemensD FelsenthalJ Holland A Ogilvie
2010D StenhouseG AinscoughT ClemensD FelsenthalM Ogilvie, J Ghent M Trevorah, K Johnson, S Michaels
2011L BlackleyG AinscoughT ClemensD FelsenthalK Johnson J Carlile, S Michael
2012L BlackleyG AinscoughT ClemensJ WilliamsJ Carlile, A Coppens, S Michael
2013L BlackleyS MichaelT ClemensJ WilliamsK Johnson A Coppens
2014L BlackleyS MichaelJ FergusonJ WilliamsK Johnson D Johnson, T Clemens, P O’Neill, G Ainscough
2015L BlackleyP O’NeillD HollandJ WilliamsJ Ferguson, T Clemens, K Johnson
2016L BlackleyP O’NeillT ClemensJ WilliamsConnie Upfill, K Johnson, J Ferguson, P Dunkley, M Ogilvie, A Mc Cormick, , P Leslie, B Lark, M Campbell
2017L BlackleyJ FergusonA McCormickJ WilliamsM Ogilvie, S Hiddlestone, Connie Upfill, B Lark, K Johnson, T Clemens
2018J FairweatherB LarkJ FergusonJ WilliamsConnie Upfill, S Hiddlestone, A Harrowell, D Ward-Bourton, R Ferguson, D Roberts, T Clemens
2019J CarlileB LarkJ FergusonJ WilliamsConnie Upfill, D Healey, R Ferguson, S Hiddlestone, T Clemens
2020J CarlileB LarkJ FergusonJ WilliamsT Preston, D Healey, R Ferguson, S Hiddlestone, T Clemens
2021J CarlileG TribeJ FergusonJ WilliamsT Preston, D Healey, R Ferguson, S Hiddlestone, T Clemens

Annual Reports

Chairman’s Reports


(Including Major Milestones)
July 2021

1914Prahran Runner Up first BV A Grade Competition
1915Prahran’s first A Grade Premiership
1916Suspended WW1
1926Prahran re formed
1941Prahran Victorian Champions
1942Suspended WW2. (18 out of 29 senior players enlisted)
1949BV A Grade Champions
1953Original Cheltenham BC formed (Tuesday 24 March)
1955Moved to Como Park from Prahran Cricket Ground
1958Cheltenham wins first DBA A Grade Premiership
1972Amalgamation (Playing Park Road and Kingston Aged Care
1976Summer becomes BV Major Season. DBA continues Winter
1978Moved to Gasworks, Nepean Highway
1984Moved to Kingston Heath Reserve
1985Tee Ball Centre established
1985Back Net on Senior Field No 2
1985U14 State Champions (First after Amalgamation)
1986Club Incorporated 6 January
1986Back Nets Main Field
1987Clubrooms Opening (12 April 1987). Total Cost $450,000
KCC Club Contribution $25,000
1987Equipment Room Shelving (Frank Babidge Jr)
1988State Pee Wee Title
1988State Tee Ball Title
1988Pitching Machine purchased
1989Batting Tunnel $8500
1989Kitchen Bench Tops $5000 John Coghlan
1990Main Field Drainage Terrace in front of Clubrooms
(Reter Paturzo, Kevin Howe Mark Phillips for landscaping effort).
1991KCC seal and drain main car park
1991Hosted BV U12 Tournament for the first time. Huge
1994Training Lights Main Field. Terry Reid & Laurie
1995Scoria cut outs on Main Field
1996First Professional Signing Matthew Gourlay
1996Home Run Fence Main Field
1996Scorers Box Main Field
1996Rustler BBQ (Tony Jackson)
1996Club Family Tree Bronze Plaque (Dave Stenhouse)
1997Cockchafer Beatle Crisis Grounds unplayable
1997Back net replaced Main Field (KCC)
1997Scorers Box Field No 2 (Trevor Hogben)
1997Cool room (Tony Bailey
1997Ride on Mower (Village Grant)
1997Bullpen Third base Main Field
1999Canopy on Main ($15,000 Provided by KCC due health and
1999Batting Tunnel Extended/concrete floor
2001Little League Centre Established – 6 fields with back
2002Bullpen Right Field on Main
2003Little League Fields – cut outs all 6 fields
2004First Major Leaguer Travis Blakley
2005Back Net Senior Field No 3 ($7000 inc VG $3,500)
2006Clean Sweep all State Junior Titles
2010Landscaping in front of pavilion ($85,000 KCC)
2014100 Year Anniversary Celebration
2016Little League Field Back Net ($35,000 inc Federal Govt
2016Main Field and Field 2 Dugouts Concrete Floors (Andrew
2016Electronic Scoreboard (Frazer and Darren Hiddlestone,
Stuart Holding)
2019BV Most Inclusive Club Award
2019Lighting on Main Field – LL and Social Baseball Standard
Tunnel Refurbishment ($22,000 inc VG $5000 labour, Ian Curnow, Al
Gribbin, Stu Holding. Lighting Jarrod and Laurie Hall)
Pandemic – Winter Season cancelled, Summer 2020-21 restricted. Govt
Grants totalling $10k – survival and reimagining. Impact likely to be
felt through to 2022
2021Main Field Fly Net replaced by KCC (Estimated cost
2021Winter Season truncated when State Locked Down
2021Pitching Machine (Hack Attack) ($6,000)

Names: Lead member(s)

KCC = Kingston City Council
VG = Village Grant

Board of Management Reunion August 2006