Code of Conduct

All members of the Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club, and its spectators, are bound by the Code of Conduct policies of Baseball Victoria. These policies are directed at coaches, officials, players, administrators, parents and spectators.

These policies are available from:

Baseball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct page

Coaches’ Code of Conduct

Officials’ Code of Conduct

Players’ Code of Conduct

Administrators’ Code of Conduct

Parents’ Code of Conduct

Spectators’ Code of Conduct

The Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club is run by volunteers who dedicate their time to providing an environment that is inclusive, respectful, friendly and supportive. Particularly in regard to the junior teams, our coaches are usually parents who also volunteer their time and expertise.

It is important for parents to remember to be respectful of the coaches and adhere to the expected behaviours as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Specifically, parents are asked to refrain from coaching “from the sidelines” and being critical of coaches, umpires or other officials. If parents have a serious complaint, please contact the Club secretary at