Cheltenham and Prahran Baseball Club Life Members

The following people have been awarded Life Membership of the Prahran / Cheltenham Baseball Clubs. The two clubs merged in 1972.

* Deceased

Prahran BC

1934Les Cheong*1936Edward Greenwood*
1937Charles Bolton*1939Jules Lowe*
1940Mervin Simpson*1940Herbert Raphael*
1946Jack Middleton*1947Jack Ferguson*
1948Richard Chapman*1949Jeff Phillips*
1950Gordon Tamblyn*1951Ron Grime*
1951Jack Coulson*1951Charles Chapman*
1951Lou Collins*1954Mort Adams*
1954Lyle Snare*1955Jim Scott*
1957Bill Anderson*1957Jack Wadsworth*
1961Bruce Bedwell*1961Colin Hyland
1961Col Wale*1961Jim Beitzel*
1963Gordon Lockhart1966Peter Boulton
1967Harry Fowler*1968Richard Skinner*
1970Graeme Ainscough*1971Peter Finney

* Deceased

Cheltenham BC (pre-merger)

1962Eric Knorr*1963Ray Trevorah*
1964Molly Knorr* (nee Harrison)1966Frank Babidge Snr*
1968Jim Upfill*1971Alan Burdett*

* Deceased

Cheltenham (Cheltenham and Prahran Merged in 1972)




1981Kel Roberts1982Frank Babidge Jnr*
1983John Ferguson1984Alan Tanner
1984Stan Hogben*1985Michael Trevorah*
1986Paul Ferguson1987Joy Roberts
1990Sam Jamieson1992Paul Stanford
1992Trevor Hogben1992Laurie Hall
1993Maureen Phillips*1994Kevin Williams*
1996Colin Anderson2000Colin Upfill
2001Steven Babidge2002Bruce Fitzgerald
2006Anthony Bailey2006David Stenhouse
2006Brad Lark2006Valerie Bailey
2006John Carlile2006Trevor Clemens
2009Chris Reece2009Peter Burdett
2009Lance Blackley2010Michael Gourlay
2010Robyn Hogben2011Connie Upfill
2013Katrina Johnson2013Alan L Gribbin
2015Matthew Gourlay2015David Coppens
2015David Johnson2015Pat O’Neill
2016Peter Leslie2019Ron Carothers
2019Daniel Ward-Bourton2019Judy Williams
2020Travis Blackley2020Greg Brown
2022Bert Calvert2022Michelle Ogilvie
2022Andrew Gribbin2022Kane Davidson
2022Michael Rizzi2022Russell Ferguson

Legends of Prahran and Cheltenham Baseball Club

2020Dav Whatmore2020George Ingram*
2020Lance Purton2020Charlie Siddle
2020Bruce Lines2020Ross Upfill
2020Col Upfill2020Leo Anderson
2020Russell Robertson2020Kevin Knorr
2020David Clarkson

Patrons of Prahran and Cheltenham Baseball Club

1953Herbert Raphael*1988Graeme Ainscough*
2017John Ferguson

Regarding Life Member and Patron Status

Life Membership


This policy sets out the minimum criteria for a person to be eligible for nomination for an award of Life Membership of the Cheltenham Baseball Club Inc.

This award exists to recognise the distinguished service and valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Club. It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Usually only ONE recipient should receive this award in any one year period. The Club however recognizes that exceptional circumstances may arise, when two worthy recipients are eligible. It will be then at the discretion of the Board as to how many awards are given.

A Life Membership Award does not have to be presented each year.


In considering the award of Life Membership, an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the overall Club.

The points to be taken into account when considering any nomination include:

1. General Considerations
  • The general attitude and overall demeanor of the nominee shows a dedication to the values of the Club.
  • Commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship
  • Valued leadership and good role modeling that reflects credit upon the Club.
  • Services provided as a paid employee of the Club should not normally be taken in to account except where the value delivered far exceeds the remuneration received.
2. Length of Service
  • The length of service to the Club should be over an extended period of at least 10 years.
  • The length of membership in itself is not sufficient to justify a nomination.
3. Specific Criteria
  • Specific achievements, both on and off the field, will be taken into consideration.
  • Areas of service in the Club could include:
    • Playing performance and on field demeanor;
    • Achievements at representative and higher levels
    • Coaching/Managing;
    • Scoring
    • Umpiring
    • Administration;
    • Canteen and Bar management;
    • Ground and Facilities management;
    • Fund-raising,
    • Promotion and advancement of the Club.
    • The length of a playing career in itself is not sufficient to justify a nomination.

Benefits of Life Membership

  1. Formal recognition and award of the Life Membership of the Cheltenham Baseball Club Inc at a suitable function endorsed by the Board, (usually a Summer or Winter Senior Presentation Night) following the AGM or a General Meeting where the Life member was elected.
  2. An official Life Membership Badge will be inscribed with the members name and be presented at the Award Function.
  3. The Life Member?s name will be listed on Club Honour Boards and held in a place of honour in other Club media.
  4. Exemption from playing fees associated with the Cheltenham Baseball Club excluding the player registration and insurance costs due to a parent body.
  5. A Standing Invitation to attend Social functions and both junior and senior presentation events. Life members are not exempted from paying the costs associated with social functions organised by the Club.

Voting Rights

Life Members do not have voting rights in the ongoing operation of the Club unless they are an active playing member or an elected member of a Committee or the Board.

Process for Assessing Applications for Life Membership

A Life Membership nomination can be proposed and seconded by any two financial members of the Club who are not related to the nominee.

The Nomination is then submitted to the President of either the Summer or Winter Section of the Club. There is no requirement for a Nomination to be endorsed by both the Summer and Winter sections. The Section that is in the best position to assess the eligibility of the Nomination can assume the responsibility of submitting the Nomination to the Board.

The Committee of Summer or Winter Section will review the Nomination against the Criteria. The Sectional Committee may endorse the Nomination, reject the Nomination or request that further information be provided and a new Nomination presented.

If the Nomination is supported by the Sectional Committee, the Nomination must be forwarded to the President of the Board no later than 6 weeks before a General Meeting of the Club.

The Board may endorse the Nomination, reject the Nomination or request that further information be provided and a new Nomination presented.

Subject to agreement by a majority of Board Members, the Life Membership Nomination will be proposed at the next General Meeting of the Club. At the general meeting it shall be in order for a motion to be moved without notice that the person referred to in the citation be made a life member and upon three quarters of the members eligible to vote present in person or by proxy vote so approving the said person shall be a life member.

The election of a member to Life Membership will require the majority support of all those present at the General Meeting of the Club.

A General Meeting of the Club can be held electronically if the Board considers the matters on the Agenda can be dealt with fairly and efficiently,

Retraction of Life Membership

Retraction of a Life Membership Award may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects adversely on the image or activities of the Club and contrary to the General Criteria.

This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances and will require the full support of the Cheltenham Baseball Club Board for the retraction to be enacted.

As part of the deliberations, the Life Member in question is to be given an opportunity to present their case for retention of their Life Membership status.


A Committee may recognise the substantial and sustained benefit derived from a person’s association with the Club by appointing them as a Legend.


A Committee may recognise the substantial and sustained benefit derived from a person’s association with the Club by appointing them as a Patron.

Please Note: appointment of a Patron

  • may recognise the substantial, sustained and direct fiscal benefit derived by the Club.
  • may recognise the benefit to the Club of an association with that person (i.e. a person who is influential within the local community, politics, sporting association, etc.)
  • is not restricted to acknowledging a person’s historical contribution. (i.e. can recognise the current or potential benefit of a person’s association with the Club.)
  • is not restricted to Club members.


A Committee wishing to appoint a Patron must make a written submission to the Board. Each case will be judged on its merits. No person can be appointed Patron without prior approval from the Board.


The timing of the formal presentation, to the individual, is at the discretion of the President of the section supporting the proposal.