Board of Management

About the Board

The Board was formed in 1986 at the request of the Kingston City Council (KCC) to establish a single entity to simplify the relationships with the KCC and the Southern Districts Hockey Club with respect to the use of the Ron Brownlees Pavilion as well as for the relationships with State and Federal Government.

The Club and the Southern Districts Hockey Club both operate for twelve months of the year sharing pavilion facilities and services.

The Board has overall responsibility for the management of the Club under the Rules of Incorporation (RoI), reporting and compliance obligations and for setting the strategic direction and priorities. This includes the oversight of the integrity of the Club finances.

As an Incorporated body, a consolidated return of the Summer, Winter and Board’s financial operations is required annually by Department of Consumer Affairs.

The Board is responsible for developing and maintaining the Club’s Business Plan, grant applications, insurance coverage and major sponsorships. The Club is open to establishing relationships with other baseball Clubs wishing to use the facilities and when these opportunities arise they will be through the Board in the first instance.

Major sponsorships are usually handled at the Board level and the Summer and Winter operational sections of the Club are required to keep the Board informed regarding their sponsorship activities and opportunities.

The Summer and Winter sections share infrastructure and are responsible for running their separate competition seasons and relationships with BV and DBA.They shared infrastructure includes, fields, equipment, screens, back nets, lights, batting tunnel, fridges, cool room, line markers.

The organisational structure of the Club is shown on the following plaque near the bar in the pavilion.

Relationships with the Southern Districts Hockey Club are managed through the Kingston Sports Club Inc, (KSC), a separate entity formed from executive members from both Clubs. It is important to note that the both Clubs operate for 12 months of the year and that the main season for Baseball is Summer and the main season for Hockey is Winter. This operates to the advantage of both Clubs.

Relationships with the Kingston Council and the Hockey Club require a single entity to deal with respect to a broad range of issues including:

  • Shared operational and capital expenses.
  • Pavilion Bookings, cleaning, furniture and fittings, KCC maintenance of common areas. Eg Toilets, hall, kitchen security
  • Planning and building approvals
  • Planning and management of the Kingston Heath Reserve
  • Relationship with the Friendship Group for KH Reserve.
  • Compliance obligations, Food preparation,
  • KSCD holds the Liquor Licence for the consumption of Alcohol in and around the pavilion
  • Grant applications for shared infrastructure and fittings
  • Ground usage by other organisations, schools, other sporting codes.

As the regional centre for Baseball in Southeast of Melbourne, the Club hosts tournaments for both Baseball Victoria and the Dandenong Baseball Associations and for schools where they have requested assistance. Scheduling and coordination of the tournaments often overlap the regular seasons.

A Register of Senior Playing Numbers is maintained and numbers are allocated by the Board.

Life Membership nominations require Board endorsement before they are presented to members to vote for election.

Rationalising the use of the shared space in storage rooms, main hall, display cabinets as well as the displaying of pennants and Honour Boards.

The Board is responsible for maintaining a Register of Current and Past Members.

The Club’s financial Years ends on 31 March and the Annual General Meeting of the Club must be held before the 30 June each year.

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