Winter Fees and Registration

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2021 Fees

SeasonCategoryBA/BV CapitationClub ComponentTotal Fees
WinterJuniors – Under 16s/18s and Seniors$108.41$305.00$413.41
Summer/WinterJuniors – Under 16s/18s and Seniors$61.92$305.00$366.92
WinterJuniors – Under 16s/18s$87.49$205.00$292.49
Summer/WinterJuniors – Under 16s/18s$41.00$205.00$246.00
WinterShort Season – Under 12s/14s$87.49$40.00$127.49
Summer/WinterShort Season – Under 12s/14s$41.00$40.00$81.00
WinterShort Season – Under 8s$35.83$40.00$75.83
Summer/WinterShort Season – Under 8s$10.00$40.00$50.00
Single Game$25 per game/$35 per finals game   
 BA/BV Capitation Paid before Play   
5 plus gamesQualifies player for finals   
10 plus gamesFull fees apply in relevant category   


The fees consist of:

  • Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia fees, which go towards player insurance, administration costs at Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia.
  • Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club fees, which cover the costs of running the club, costs of team entry into the Baseball Victoria competitions and maintenance and upkeep of grounds.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to send your query to:

Playing part of the season

A player shall be entitled to play one game throughout the season free of cost, as per the DBAs allowance.

After registering and paying state and national fees, a player shall then be entitled to play one additional game throughout the season at no further cost.

Upon playing their third game a player is now required to pay $25 per game or $35 per finals game (including this third game).

Playing 5 or more game qualifies a player for finals. If a player plays 10 or more games throughout the season (ie. 2 cost free games plus 8 further games) they are now required to pay full season fees.