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General Questions About Juniors

How do I know what level is suitable for my child?

Baseball Victoria sets the age criteria for the junior leagues. Please refer to Baseball Victoria’s age matrix.

Who do I contact?

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What’s teeball?

It’s a modified form of baseball for boys and girls aged 5 up to 8. There is no pitcher throwing the ball (though there is a fielder in the pitcher’s position) and the batter hits the ball off a tee. After that, it’s pretty much the same as baseball. The emphasis in teeball is on participation, fun and development.

How old do you have to be to play teeball?

Usually 5-8 years old. (Kids can start baseball from 8 years old.)

Does Cheltenham have a teeball program?

Heck yes! The Chelt teeball program is well-established, very well run and great fun! In summer season, we run 6-8 teams with over 60 kids out on the diamonds at Farm Rd each week of summer. Teeball is a summer program at Cheltenham from October through to March.

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So, what’s Rookie ball then?

It’s the next level up from teeball. Rather than start with the tee, the batter faces the coach pitching – the pitch is a fairly gentle lob. If the batter hits, it goes into play and usual rules of baseball apply. If he or she reaches three strikes off the coach’s pitch, the batter uses a tee.

What are the junior age divisions?

Players can start at teeball. Baseball starts at U12, then U14, U16 and U18 in summer baseball.

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Winter age divisions are U12, U14, U16 and U18.

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Does the Club provide gloves and bats?

Yes, the Club has gloves and bats available for Teeballers, Under 12 and Under 14 domestic competition players, if needed. (Batting helmets and catching gear are provided for all teams).

For Sunday teams, players generally have their own gear.

When is baseball season?

There are 2 seasons: summer and winter.

Summer: The state-wide summer season is run by Baseball Victoria and goes from October to March.

Winter: Winter baseball is organised into independent regional or provincial leagues. Cheltenham competes in the Dandenong Baseball Association in winter season which runs from April through to September.

What’s the difference between ‘Domestic’ and Sunday competition?

– Domestic baseball takes place in the Under 12 and 14 age groups in summer season usually on Friday evenings. In domestic baseball, the competition is generally made up of either local clubs, or sometimes exclusively Cheltenham BC teams, and while teams are out to win, the emphasis is on more on participation, opportunity and enjoyment.

– Sunday baseball takes place in summer competition also. While it’s a little more ‘serious’ than domestic baseball, the emphasis is still on participation, opportunity and enjoyment.

The club, at times, runs Sunday teams tryouts (depending on numbers wanting to play) and teams are selected on merit. There is also a commitment to travel as competing club locations vary from Geelong to Upwey.

What are ‘Major League’ and ‘Minor League’?

Summer Sunday Little League (U12), U14, U16 and U18 junior competitions are organised on a grading system.

Clubs at the start of the season elect to put teams into one of (from highest level) Major League, AAA Minor League or AA Minor League.

Major League and Minor League divisions have taken over from the previous State and Metro League divisions.


What time do players need to be at the ground prior to a game?

The standard practice is for players to be ready to start their warm up 1 hour before a game; i.e. 8am for a 9am start, however, individual Coaches will advise.

Can players be on the same team as their brothers/sisters or friends?

The Club will make every effort to accommodate these requests, especially in teeball and Under 12 and Under 14 Domestic competitions. Note these requests at Registration.

Note that Summer Sunday Major League and Minor League teams are selected on merit and performances.

Can a player nominate the position he/she would like to play?

Club policy is to move players through as many positions as possible given their individual capabilities. Coaches will listen to and try and accommodate requests where appropriate.

Who do parents approach if they would like to talk to the club about an issue?

If it is a team issue, please do not approach the Coach, your first contact should be the Team Manager (who is usually a player’s parent). The club also has Junior Coordinators, so if a matter arises that cannot be resolved with the team manager, the coordinator should be approached. Alternatively, please send your enquiry to:


How do I purchase a uniform?

Tee-ball tee shirts are provided by the Club. All players wear the Club cap.

Uniform items are available for purchase from K2 Baseball. Go to the uniform page link below for more information.

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What is the club uniform?

Correct uniform is expected to be worn when representing Cheltenham Baseball Club.

Note: Rustlers ‘R’ caps are to be worn at all times when representing Cheltenham, no other caps are permitted.

Under 12

Summer: White pants / Winter: Blue pants with white side stripes

– Two-tone light blue & dark blue Rustlers pull-on tops

– Navy socks

– Rustlers cap

– Cleats (Note, metal cleats are not permitted U12-16)

Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18

Summer: White pants / Winter: Blue pants with white side stripes

– White button-up Rustlers tops

– Navy Socks

– Rustlers cap

– Cleats (Note; metal cleats are permitted for U18 only)

You can also wear a thermal (navy blue) undershirt or Rustlers t-shirt under your playing top.


How can parents help on game days?

By assisting in ground marking and taking out and returning the bases, tees, cones (or ensuring the players do!) to the storeroom near the canteen.

Parents may at times be asked to assist with umpiring, but only if confident and willing.

Parents are also very welcome to coach, if interested. Talk to an age group coordinator.

Can players leave the bench to get a drink or something to eat during a game?

Players are expected to stay on the bench during games; however, they are encouraged to get a drink from their kit to stay hydrated. Players also may have small snacks, but more substantial food should wait til after the game.

Is there a break at Christmas?

Yes, games finish mid-December and usually resume after the Australia Day weekend in January.

Is there a Code of Conduct for players and for parents?

Yes, there is a code for both players and for parents, we ask families to be familiar with it and abide by it.

Read the Code of Conduct