Prahran Baseball Club

1914 -1972


Baseball was being played by a Prahran team from the late 189O’s but it was not until 1914 that a Newspaper article of the time recorded that Prahran had established itself as a “permanent” force in Victorian Baseball when they finished Runners Up in the A Section Competition. This Club went on the win Premierships in 1915 and 1916 before disbanding due to the First World War.

In 1926, the Club reformed following the disruption caused by the First World War and its aftermath. There are no records of the office bearers for the for the earlier periods.

Amalgamation with the Cheltenham Baseball Club took place after the completion of the 1972 Winter Season.

Office Bearers 1926-1972

YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerCoachScorerC of S
1926J.W. ParsonsE. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1927E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1928E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1929E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1930E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1931E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1932E. GreenwoodE. Greenwood
1933H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodC. BoultonD. Robins
1934H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodC. BoultonD. Robins
1935H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodC. BoultonD. Robins
1936H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodC. BoultonD. Robins
1937H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodJ. MiddletonD. Robins
1938H. RaphaelE. GreenwoodE. GreenwoodJ. MiddletonD. Robins
1939H. RaphaelL. CollinsJ. MiddletonD. Robins
1940H. RaphaelJ. Middleton
1941H. RaphaelJ. Middleton

1942-1944 Baseball suspended during World War II

(18 out of 29 senior players enlisted)

YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerCoachScorerC of S
1945H. RaphaelJ. Middleton
1946H. RaphaelJ. Middleton
1947H. RaphaelJ. Ferguson
1948H. RaphaelJ. Ferguson
1949H. RaphaelJ. FergusonB. Faull
1950H. RaphaelJ. Ferguson
1951E. JonesJ. PhillipsL. CollinsJ. Phillips
1952E. JonesJ. PhillipsV. PhillipsJ. Phillips
1953C. ChapmanJ. PhillipsV. PhillipsJ. Ferguson
1954C. ChapmanJ. PhillipsV. PhillipsJ. Ferguson
1955C. ChapmanJ. PhillipsV. PhillipsJ. Ferguson
1956J. MiddletonB. AndersonV. PhillipsJ. Ferguson
1957J. MiddletonB. AndersonV. PhillipsJ. Ferguson
1958J. MiddletonB. AndersonJ. PhillipsK. Cant
1959D. ChapmanH. FowlerP. BoultonK. Cant
1960D. ChapmanK. SladeP. BoultonB. Anderson
1961J. PhillipsK. SladeP. BoultonB. Anderson
1962J. PhillipsD. SkinnerP. BoultonB. Anderson
1963H. FowlerD. SkinnerP. BoultonB. Anderson
1964H. FowlerD. SkinnerP. BoultonB. AndersonH. Fowler
1965H. FowlerD. SkinnerP. BoultonB. AndersonH. FowlerJ. Middleton
1966H. FowlerD. SkinnerC. HylandB. AndersonH. Fowler
1967G. AinscoughG. AinscoughC. HylandC. WaleH. Fowler
1968H. FowlerG. AinscoughC. HylandC. WaleH. Fowler
1969C. WaleG. AinscoughG. BlackC. WaleH. Fowler
1970C. WaleG. AinscoughG. BlackC. WaleH. Fowler
1971C. WaleG. BlackJ. FergusonC. WaleH. Fowler

Post War Office Bearers 1945-1972


Prahran Premierships (16)

Victorian Baseball League: Section A: 1915, 1916

VBA Metropolitan Division Section A: 1934, 1935,1936, 1938, 1939, 1941

Champions of Victoria: 1939

VBA Metropolitan Division Section: Reserves: 1935, 1938, 1946

VBA Metropolitan Division Section C: 1945

VBA Major A: 1949

VBA Reserves: 1963

VBA Division 1 Summer: 1968-69

Metropolitan A Section Premiers 1934

M Francis A Vance C Burley A Wyles M Simpson D Robins A Horneman L Cheong C Bolton Capt J Middleton J Ferguson

Metropolitan Section A: Premiers 1935-36

D Robins (Scorer) R Chapman E Greenwood (Sec) M Simpson(3B), N Ramus (A Sec) A Vance (LF) J Ferguson(C), J Middleton(P) V Capt H Raphael (President) C Bolton (2B) Captain A Wyles (SS) J Phillips(1B) C Whitely (RF) G Harris (CF)

Champions Of Victoria 1939
Premiers Metropolitan A Section 1934-1935- 1936-1938-1939

Metropolitan Section C: Premiers 1945

Victorian A Grade Premiers 1949

VBA Premiers Seconds 1963

Gordon Lockhart (Coach)

VBA Premiers Division 1
Summer 1968/69

Standing L-R. Rhett Parker, Bruce Gibson, Masu Kohinyama, Graeme Black, Graeme Ainscough (Secretary), Alan Tannner, John Ferguson,Frank Rushton, Derek Cockburn Front (L-R) Peter Scott, Paul Ferguson, Collin Wale (Coach) Alan Black, Ted Wale

Annual Reports