Summer Fees and Registration

This information sets out the Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club’s fee structure for the 2018/19 season and explains how to register and pay your fees.

The Club is pleased to offer a family discount for siblings playing in the junior competition. Due to the stringent registration process through Baseball Victoria, we ask families to complete that registration process in full, and if you have more than one registered child and are eligible for a family discount, please email the Club at to request that discount. The Club will directly refund the discounted amount.

Fees to register and play in 2019/20

Breakdown of Fees 2019 – 2020
Category2019/2020 BA/BV Capitation2019/2020 Club ComponentTotal Fees
Little League Minor (Under 12) – Single Game$105.00$145.00$250.00
Little League Minor (Under 12) – Dual Game$105.00$185.00$290.00
Little League Major (Under 12)$105.00$145.00$250.00
Little League Major and Intermediate$105.00$185.00$290.00
Intermediate League$105.00$145.00$250.00
Junior League (Under 14)$105.00$145.00$250.00
Junior League and Intermediate$105.00$185.00$290.00
Senior League (Under 16)$105.00$195.00$300.00
Senior League and Seniors$126.00$310.00$436.00
Big League (Under 18)$105.00$195.00$300.00
Big League and Seniors$126.00$310.00$436.00
Senior Students/Apprentices$136.00$295.00$431.00
single game fee – $25
Family Discount
10% – second child
20% – third or more children
on club component only

The committee has decided that Club membership fees will not be increased this year.

The fees consist of:

  • Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia fees, which go towards player insurance, administration costs at Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia.
  • Cheltenham Rustlers Baseball Club fees, which cover the costs of running the club, costs of team entry into the Baseball Victoria competitions and maintenance and upkeep of grounds.
  • Optional Fundraising Levy of $30.00. Feedback to the Club has been that some players and parents prefer to make a one off donation via a levy instead of participating in working bees or club fundraising events during the season and so this year, the Club has introduced this as an option. The levy generally only applies to players who are 16 and above. There is one fee per family and each senior player. If you choose not pay the levy, you will be required to volunteer your time throughout the season. Money collected via this levy will go towards grounds maintenance, repairs and general operations of the Club.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to send your query to:


The registration process for Cheltenham Rustlers is managed by Baseball Victoria through the SportsTG system. This process is for seniors, masters, and all junior players. Registration and payment is mandatory and players cannot play without being registered.

Please note that you will need to open the page through the following web browsers: Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. It will not operate from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Registration Process

Registration and payment of fees is now open via SportsTG which is available from the following link:

ALL members need to sign-up and create an account to register for the new season. Your username will be your email address. If you registered last year, you will already have a login. If you have forgotten your password, you will be able to reset it.

The process to register for the 2018/19 summer season is as follows:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select the Cheltenham Baseball Club icon

Cheltenham Registration

  1. Log in using your email address and password or for new players, sign up with your email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

Baseball Australia Login

  1. When you log in select the correct member profile. The first question asks, ‘Who are you registering for?’

If you have previously registered, choose from the dropdown menu, if your name does not appear, choose ‘myself.’

If it is a new registration, choose yourself (if you are the player) or someone else (if you are registering your child or another family member) and fill in the details.

  1. Select the category relevant for you (e.g. player, coach, volunteer etc) and go to the next page.
  2. The registration options specific to the player’s age will appear. Please note that Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia fees are mandatory and are already pre-selected for you.
  3. Please select the options relevant to you and click “Next”.


NOTE: For Juniors over 14, you need to select either the Sunday morning competition, or the Junior Playing Senior and the BV Junior playing Senior fee.

What is the $30 levy?

For players who are 16 and over, the Club has introduced a $30 levy which will go towards costs associated with grounds maintenance and general operations of the Club. The levy generally only applies to players who are 16 and above. There is one fee per family and each senior player. If you choose not pay the levy, you will be required to volunteer your time throughout the season through working bees and/or assist with social events. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Club at

  1. Add any extra information required and click on the declaration box once you have read the material.

If you wish to register another person, click on ‘Register another person’ option. You will be taken back to the first screen where you enter the new person’s details in. Repeat the steps above from ‘Once logged in.’

Once all members are entered, proceed to payment.

  1. Payment: You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Note: It takes a few moments for the payment to go through, please do not try to process your payment again. Once payment is complete, it will say ‘Thanks for registering’ and you will receive an email confirmation.