Cheltenham Rustlers Tee Ball

Tee-ball is a modified version of baseball which is generally played by girls and boys between the ages of 4-8 years old.

There is no pitching in tee-ball as all players hit off a tee which enables the children to learn the skills of the game in a safe and enjoyable team environment.

There is no need for players to have their own equipment as it is supplied. The children may of course use their own equipment and there is no uniform.

Players can join anytime.

The Club is keen to welcome new players who may be interested in playing tee-ball. Please send your enquiry to

To see the fees and to register to play go to the Summer Fees and Registration page.

The main objective with the tee-ball program is to encourage the children to have fun while learning baseball skills and gaining confidence and coordination. Importantly is to also to encourage new friendships along the way.

The Club is grateful for the generous efforts of parents and volunteers who help out during the seasons.

There is plenty of room for any interested players to join so don’t forget to tell all your friends they would be most welcome to come down and give it a go.

Photos from the 2018/19 season