Weekend Results & Match Reports – 06/07/2019

A1 vs Dandenong 7-4 Win

Chris Anderton reports

What can I say, when the chips are down and the club is on it knees with availabilities we stood up as one when it mattered. Starting with a huge effort from the seconds getting over the top side for the second time this year, set the table for the first’s to produce something special.

With the sun shinning it was a clash of the top 2 teams in the comp with one being undefeated.

Brandon got his first start of the season, after a slow start we got out of the first inn unscathed. We were unable to convert ourselves in the first inn after a lead off hit to Koji, walk to Alex, Brando getting them over but couldn’t get them in.

With a dubious call at the plate Dandy scored first and in the same play we lost our catcher Cam (thrown out of the game) so with some patchwork to the field Brando continued to get on with the job. We continued to put pressure on the pitcher but was unable to come up with the clutch hit until Declan came up with a timely hit to score our first run.

Brand continued to throw with a lot of heart and determination for 5 inn handing over to Declan with the score tied 2-2. After giving up a couple of runs through errors Declan knuckled down and shut down dandy for the next 3 inn.

Dandy made a pitching change our bats started to click starting with a moon shot to left field off the bat of Alex Clark. With some great at bats in particular Ricki Preston, Tom Ogilvie and Matt McKenna we pushed the score out to 7-4 in favour of the good guys.

With Dandy mounting pressure at the top of the 8th , 1st and 2nd occupied the ball was hit to left center Brando come charging in and took a diving catch, with the runner not tagging up he jump up and threw him out at second to end the inn. With that play the umpires called time and game.

It was a fantastic game by both teams. The boys played with a lot of heart and determination which has been the case all year.

Brando was the standout but he was backed up by the whole team with everyone contributing during the game.

Special Mentions: Ricki Preston – clutch hit with bases loaded and didn’t look out of place. Declan Croker – Huge in his relief job and a timely hit. Tom Ogilvie – Sac bunt that started the big inn. Jack Enciondo – Stepping up in the catchers roll after Cam was thrown out huge game

We sit 2nd on the ladder with Frankston this week. We are looking nicely placed with guys coming back but the job is not done yet LETS KEEP THE GOOD TIMES ROLLING.

A2 vs Dandenong 6-4 Win

Dan Ward-Bourton reports

With more peolple listed MIA than we’ve seen since the vietnam war, the Maggos doubled the average age of the side and proceeded to knock off the ladder leaders Dandenong in sizzling fashion.

After an absolute dumpster fire of a pregame infield/outfield routine we weren’t exactly forshadowing great things to come and then when Dandenong unleashed a monster home run that thudded 3/4 of the way up the tree in left in the first innings to open the scoring you could be mistaken for thinking this would end up being a long day.

Yet no panic from any of the veteran hands set in and a tight game of baseball ensued. In fact that HR accounted for the only earned run we allowed all day.

Tom Ogilvie produced the best pitching performce of his life (so far) to shut down the divisions best offense. 3 routine double play balls went begging, one of which was punted around the infield so hard by My Favorite Player™ it would make Darren Bennett jealous and each cost a run and saw chelt down 4-1 after 5 innings.

A change in opposition pitchers opened the doors for the good guys in the final dig with a series of walks putting runners on. A booming double from Geoff Holland drove one in. A blooped pop up from Tom found a hole to score another. Heinrichs Grindr’d a single past 1st base for another and then it all culminated with a 2rbi single from Fraser Hiddlestone to win the game.

Shout outs to our star ringers in Geoff Holland and Michael Leslie who were both outstanding in defence and produced multi-hit games. Pretty handy walking in off the street.

B2 vs Frankston 2-2 Draw

Brad Heenan reports

Start off by saying thanks to all the C2 players for coming up and helping get the draw.

This week saw 22 players unavailable, it was going to be difficult to get 4 teams on diamonds with school holidays and an U18 winter carnival going on but the 3’s managed to get a team on the field playing with 8, I dont really think having 8 hurt us that bad… Offensively we had a 5 hit game with Daz going 3-3 with a walk and a great game at 2nd base/ Right field. The ever exciting Heath Dunkley played short stop for the game and did a great job, and every time he swung a bat he swung it hard, if he ever made contact with the ball it was goooone.

Defensively we started with Brad “PO” Heenan on the mound and after a shaky first innings (lack of warming up) and 2 walks and a hit batter, was lucky to get out giving up 1 run, after he steadied he ended up throwing the whole 2 hours, 6 innings 11 Ks. An absolute marvelous performance!!

Chelt got out with a 2-2 draw an were probably lucky with Frankston having many more scoring chances than Cheltenham but were unable to convert with the stuff being dealt!!!

C2 vs Bonbeach Forfeit Loss