Weekend Results & Match Reports – 15-18/11/2019

(Midweek) Firsts vs Blackburn 6-7 Loss

Firsts vs Blackburn 8-4 Win

Firsts take Series 2-1 against Blackburn. Lars dominate on the mound

Seconds vs Blackburn 1-2 Loss

Thirds vs Blackburn 3-6 Loss

Fourths vs Blackburn 4-9 Loss

Fifths vs Ormond Glenhuntly 17-3 Win

Cheltenham hitters made the most of ideal conditions on Lakeside to collect 21 hits and drive in 17 runs. In a ” Murder’s Row” performance, the top end of the order, Lockie Stevens, Russell Ferguson, Sean Dunne and Max Phillips led the way, blasting 26 bases from 12 hits including 4 home runs and 2 doubles. Down the order, Dylan Hind went 3 for 3 for perfect day at the plate.

Pitchers Sean Dunne and Ryan Langworthy controlled the mound and were backed by a solid defence.

L. Stevens 2 Doubles, HR. R. Ferguson 2 Singles 2 HR. S Dunne, Single, HR, M. Phillips 3 Singles.
D. Hiddlestone Single. R. Langworthy Single. D Hind 3 Singles. B. Dunkley 2 Singles, N Young Single. K Young Single.

Womens vs BYE

Masters vs Springvale Bigcats 1-5 Loss

The Bigcats scored 3 runs in the top of the first on 3 hits and some untidy infield work.
In reply Cheltenham scored their only run after Adam Leech crashed a single to left and moved to second on a wild pitch. Darren Hiddlestone outfield single batted him in to make the score 1-3.

The Bigcats scored a further 2 runs in the top of the second on 4 hits and a walk to lead 5-1.

Cheltenham rallied in their third innings when they fought back to fill the bases with 2 out after Peter Allen’s infield single, was followed by hits to David Johnson and Leech but Craig Ballantyne’s long fly ball down the left centre alley was hauled in by the Bigcats center fielder.

Ben Hall pitched well in relief with giving up only 1 hit over 4 shut out innings to keep Cheltenham in the game but the big bats of Rustlers were dormant with only a solitary walk over their last 3 innings.


A. Leech 2 singles, run, D. Johnson single, D Hiddlestone single, P Allen single, H Dunkley BB.

Rookie Ball vs Moorabbin

Little League Majors vs Sandringham Royals 7-15 Loss

Intermediate League vs Sandringham Kings 17-11 Win

Junior League vs Sandringham 7-5 Win

Under 16 vs Williamstown 7-8 Loss

Under 18 vs Sunshine 4-6 Loss