ApparelSnrBlueTop.jpg - smallSummer Club Uniform 2016-17


The club uniform contact is Karen Dunn 


You can contact her for enquiries on 0407 848 917 or 




Uniform order forms are at the end of this page - see below


Club Uniform




White playing pants and team t-shirt (these are allocated by the club at the start of the season)



U12 & U14 Friday Night:


White playing pants with two tone blue v-neck ‘Cheltenham’ top



U12, 14, 16, 18 Sunday: 


White playing pants with white button-up ‘Rustlers’ top



Seniors 1sts & 2nds:


White playing pants with blue button-up ‘Rustlers’ top



Seniors 3rds~:


White playing pants with white button-up ‘Rustlers’ top



CAP: All teams wear the navy blue with light blue 'R' playing cap available through the canteen or Nicole Croker.


PANTS: summer pants are plain white; they can be purchased at K2 or Ausport



Uniform orders


Orders of uniforms can be done using editable PDF downloadable order forms, see below, or are available to manually complete through the Committee Members or the Bar. 


For Playing Tops, Microfiber Tee Shirts and Hoodies, we must have a minimum order of 15 prior to placement from the supplier. When we near those numbers the Club will purchase one or additional items to quicken the process.  Orders take 4-6 weeks to arrive.


Completion of the payment from via direct debit or credit card is available on the form however the Club will hold processing of the payment until the order is placed. Cash payment is also available, however, payment for the item MUST be submitted with the order form.


On completion of the form, email directly to Nicole Croker as per the order form. Nicole will place the orders and distribute them upon arrival.





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