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"Rustlers Interviews" is a page dedicated to sharing the thoughts of people in baseball.


Read all about what various people have to say about the game, their involvement in it, our club, memories, and just generally thoughts on what they think is interesting about this great game.



Dave "Stenny" Stenhouse - Long time Winter Club President



John Ferguson - Club Stalwart - Part 1



John Ferguson - Club Stalwart - Part 2 



Dave "Clarko" Clarkson - Long time Winter Rustlers Head Coach



Dan "The Man" Ward-Bourton - His Own Favourite Player



Peter Finney - Prahran BC Life Member



Michael "Mick" Trevorah - Club Stalwart



Ryan Bean US player at Cheltenham 2013-14



Nathan Aron - New York Yankees signee



Kable Hogben - Arizona Diamondbacks signee



Open Matt Series:

Sam Trend-Beacom

Travis Blackley

Mitch Holding 

Jack Enciondo