Representative Baseball and Pro Rustlers

ProTravisBlackley7.jpg - small This section of the website is dedicated to acknowledging the Cheltenham and Prahran BC players who have made various representative baseball squads and those who have been good enough to sign professional contracts with US clubs.


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Representative Teams


The Representative teams pages looks at players who have made sides in the following squads:


► Victorian Junior Teams


► Victorian Senior Teams


► Australian National Teams


► Japan Tour & Cal Ripken Teams


► DBA Winter Carnival teams


► South East Mariners Little League Teams


► Rustlers@Aces 




Pro Rustlers


ProKableHogben3.JPG - small We also have a dedicated section to our signed players; guys who have been good enough to sign pro contracts with US organisations. 


Although we have had, and still have, players at Cheltenham BC who have been professionals, that may not feature here, we have chosen to focus on the players who have come up through the Chelt system.



Featured players:


- Nathan Aron


- Adam Blackley


- Travis Blackley


- Tom Ellis


- Andrew Gribbin


- Matthew Gourlay


- Kable Hogben


- Ben Leslie


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