Notice Of Special General Meeting (Electronic)

11 December 2020

All Members,

You are warmly invited to participate in an electronic meeting to vote on the election of Greg Brown and Travis Blackley as Life Members for the Cheltenham Baseball Club.

The proposals to elect Greg and Travis can be found below. The nominations have been endorsed by both the Summer Committee and the Board.

The Criteria for Life Membership and the Rules for the election of Life Members set down in Appendix A under our Rules of Incorporation The document is available on the website.

To be eligible to vote you must be over 18 years of age, a registered and financial member for the 2019/20 Summer or 2019 Winter seasons. Members listed as Club Volunteers who have been elected to committees or appointed to positions such as team coaches, managers and scorers as well as our Life Members who are actively engaged in the Club are also eligible to vote.

Your vote (YES/NO) can be lodged via e-mail at and must be received by Close of Business on 11 December 2020.Please see attached the following –


John Ferguson
Board of Management
Cheltenham Baseball Club Inc.