Match Reports – 02-05/11/2018


Denise Healy Reports

We lost a close one today. Final score 12-9. Both sides were evenly matched. We had our dynamic duo of Delia and Karen, working well together, as our main pitching and catching pair. Both teams hit well. We didn’t do anything worthy of Australia’s funniest home videos, which is always a blessing! Karen copped a big tag to the face, leaving the
field with a bloody injury. Karen came back on and continued the game, hope you are ok! We played pretty solid baseball for the most part of the game and will continue to improve. Some good plays at first with Caz at the helm. Pia at left and Sam at right, getting the balls in quickly and getting the assists. Some nice throws from Sue at 3rd and a great catch by Tara at short were all worthy mentions. Denise always does well in the field and her batting and running the bases is terrific. Was that a double today Denise? They had a barb-wannabe pitcher as their 2nd pitcher, but nothing as good as the original! Ant kept his cool, with only a small amt of steam coming from his ears, as the game slipped through our fingers….literally! Thanks to Poh for umpiring and copping shit as we saw fit and to Damon for once again helping out. Peter is our fantastic scorer and is always there to help, big thanks! We had a few supporters to cheer us on and thanks to Kathy for opening the canteen. See ya next week!


John Ferguson Reports

The Big Blue Machine was in top gear as it rolled over the Mulgrave Rebels at Dandenong in perfect conditions.  The Rustlers produced 17 hits for 10 runs in the best offensive performance so far this season. Eight players each recorded a multiple hit game. Adam Leech led the hitting with 3 hits and 3 RBI’s and Big Dog, Russell Ashen drove 4 runs from 2 doubles in impressive performances at the plate.

After scoring 3 runs in the top of the first on 5 hits and a timely double by Heath Dunkley, Cheltenham followed with 5 more runs in their second innings from 7 hits after Brent Dunkley and Damon Pettit led off the innings with outfield singles. With 2 out, Leech, Heath Dunkley and Darren Hiddlestone also singled and the Big Dog belted a double. Tony Kouchardjian followed with a creative infield single for  another run to complete a  big innings.

Peter Flaski batted in a run in the third with a line drive to right centre alley. Leech and Ashen combine to produce a further run in the fourth to give the Rustlers a comfortable 10- 2 led.

Starter Lance Blackley had complete command of the strike zone over four solid innings. The Big Train threw 52 pitchers, walked none, struck out 2 and with the help of some excellent outfield work contained the battling Rebels to 9 scattered hits. The defensive highlight was the double play by Heath Dunkley in right field when he captured a fly ball at a dead run and then rifled a throw to third baseman Hiddlestone to cut down the runner who had tagged up at second base and who had optimistically decided he could move up on the catch.

Specialist closer Darren Hiddlestone showed he was back to top form with a perfect last innings with 9 strikes in 14 pitches to close out the game with a strikeout.  Catcher Damon Pettit blocked beautifully and allowed both pitchers to confidently keep their pitches down low in the zone.

Hitting: (Total 17)

Joey Tucker: Single, 2 Runs; Adam Leech: 3 Singles, 3 Runs, 3 RBI;  Darren Hiddlestone:  Single. Run Heath Dunkley: 2 Singles, 2 Runs, 2 RBI .Russell Ashen: 2 Doubles 4 RBI. Tony Kouchardjian: 2 Singles 1 RBI. Steve Flaski: Single. Brent Dunkley: 2 Singles. Damon Pettit: 2 Singles Run. Peter Flaski: Single RBI