Lighting Project Update – Installation To Commence In January

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, over many years, but the Club is pleased to advise that installation of the four towers under Stage 1 of our Lighting Project will commence from 21 January 2019 and continue for several weeks.

There will be excavation work for the concrete footings for the towers near the first and third base dugouts and down the left and right field fence lines on our main field. The concrete footings will need to cure for about two weeks before the towers can be erected. These areas will be securely fenced off by the contractor for the duration of the project and must not be accessed.

There will also be trenching work along the fencing lines to install the electrical cables connecting to the switchboard in the pavilion. Most of the cabling work will be undertaken using a special boring machine that pulls the cables along underground and little visible impact is expected.

The cabling work includes the infrastructure for Stage 2 of the project that provides for the remaining 2 towers in right/centre and left/centre fields to meet the specifications required to play senior competition games.

The works schedule should not have a major impact on scheduled games and trainings however some adjustments may be necessary. We will advise ASAP of changes that will affect teams.

John Ferguson
Board of Management