Japan Tour & Cal Ripken

Cheltenham Representatives


Two key planks of the under 12 representative program are the Kangaroos Japan Tour and the Cal Ripken tournament in the US.


Given that Victoria does not have a designated under 12 State program, these two touring teams have represented the pinnacle of representative baseball at this age group.


Japan Tour - Kangaroos


Also known as 'Rubberball' (due to the type of ball used) the Japan Tour has been running annually for more than two decades and Cheltenham players have been chosen to represent what is effectively Victoria in many of those teams. The international tournament takes place in Tokyo each year.


The list below is not at all complete; any gaps to be filled or inaccuracies to be corrected would be appreciated. Please send any information to cheltenhamrustlers@gmail.com 


2010: Matthew Stenhouse, Jack Daniels, Michael Leslie, Alex Warren


2009: Koji Campitelli, Jack Enciondo, Riki Preston, Michael Natoli, Koki Fukusaku


2008: Lachlan Whiteside


2006: Yoshi Campitelli, Brett Curnow


2005: Angus Macquire


2004: Daniel Farmer


2003: Nathan Aron, Pat Liston, Geoff Holland


2002: Justin Erasmus, Shane Middleton


1997: Stuart Simpson


1992: Richard Harrison, Nick Vallanan, Matthew Barr


1989: Chris Smith



Cal Ripken World Series


The Cal Ripken World Series is a prestigious international Tournament developed and sponsored by ex-MLB Star Cal Ripken and takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, each year.


Teams sent by Australia to the tournament compete under that name, so it is effectively a National team.


Cheltenham players that have participated in the Cal Ripken World Series:


2010: George Callil


2009: Justin Aron


2007: Brett Curnow


2003: John Blaskett


2002: Karl Mackay