Hanami & Genevieve off to Japan!

Two winter Rustlers, Hanami Campitelli and Genevieve Beacom are a part of a fantastic opportunity with an upcoming trip to Japan. Partially sponsored by the Japan-Australia Foundation, the all-girl ‘Victoria Mavericks’ were chosen from this year’s girls Charter Tournament and will travel to Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan to take part in games against local teams and participate in training.

This will be as much a cultural tour as a baseball one, where they will experience school dormitory life and tea ceremony. The 2-week trip sees them starting in the north of Japan in Hokkaido before travelling down to the capital Tokyo where they will take in a pro-women’s game as well as a NPB men’s match and a trip to Disneyland of course! It should be a great experience.

The club would like to wish both the girls good luck on there tour. We hope you enjoy the experience and we look forward to hearing stories on your return.