BOM AGM, Life Member Nominations & Rules of Incorporation Draft


All Members,

You are warmly invited to attend in this year’s A.G.M. Apologies and a nomination of a proxy to vote on your behalf can be lodged via e-mail at before 9 September 2018.

The Agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here.

All positions on the Board will be vacated and your assistance is needed to help fill these key positions responsible for the overall running of the Club. The Board sits above our Summer and Winter sub committees responsible for seasonal operations.

Nominations for positions can be made prior to the AGM using the attached form and lodged via email at the above email address. Members seeking election must eligible to vote at General Meetings of the Club and an Australian Resident, Eligible to vote means being over 18 years of age, a registered and financial member for the 2017/18 Summer season or Winter 2018 season. Members listed as Club Volunteers who have been elected to committees or appointed to positions such as team coaches, managers and scorers as well as Life Members who are actively engaged in the Club are also eligible to stand for positions and vote.

Information supporting Special Resolution 1 proposing Life Memberships be awarded to Judy Williams and Ron Carothers. Eligible members have the opportunity to lodge an electronic vote by email at before 9 September 2018 if they are unable to attend the AGM.

Special Resolution 2 is proposing amendments to our Rules of Incorporation A draft will also be distributed by email and is available to be downloaded here. Feedback is sought by Friday 31 August 2018 if there are further changes you wish to be considered before the final draft is proposed for adoption at the AGM.

John Ferguson

Board of Management
Cheltenham Baseball Club Inc